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18F | Lead Innovation Specialist Remote, San Francisco, CA, and Washington, DC | August 2014 - August 2018 Collaborated to create structure of engineering team of ultimately 55 multidisciplinary software engineers. Helped define the roles and responsibilities of the new “Facilitator” position. First-line manager in the role of “Facilitator”: Led and mentored teams of up to six multidisciplinary software engineers. Hosted regular (weekly or bi-weekly) one-on-one meetings to track and make progress on an individual engineer’s organizational and career goals. Coached team members who encountered task organization and productivity barriers. Facilitated periodic team meetings, outside of a project context, to talk about concerns or thoughts on current issues in the organization, and to share knowledge about what each engineer was working on. Coordinated quarterly 360-style peer reviews, including synthesis and presentation of feedback to each team member. Assisted the Director of Engineering and/or Engineering Supervisor with writing and scoring mid-year and annual performance reviews for the engineering team. Responsible for staffing projects with teams of engineers with appropriate skill sets. Interviewed candidates for engineering positions. Created and ran 18F Tech Talks, a highly successful monthly talk series where folks from across the organization speak on a variety of technical subjects including new tools and packages, useful data sets, new languages, and information security. Individual development contributor on the engineering team Worked on software build and path analysis projects for client agencies, including the Federal Election Commission, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau, The Office of Management and Budget at The White House, parts of the General Services Administration including internal projects like,, NOAA

Technology and Innovation Fellow | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Remote, New York, NY and Washington, DC | December 2012 - August 2014 Helped define code quality standards for the entire technology team. Helped write technology team development environment documentation on Github. Helped define client side testing infrastructure for entire technology team. Wrote application that provides a new experience for working with federal regulations, eRegulations, using JavaScript, AJAX, Ubuntu Linux, UNIX, OS X, HTML5, Backbone.js, jQuery, and Require.js. Used Git and Github to contribute and review code. Working as part of an agile team, helped determine features of eRegulations. Wrote layout code for eRegulations using Less/CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. Helped develop plain-text parser of federal regulations using Python and the pyparsing library. Contributed to writing server-side views and templates in Django and Python. Contributed to implementing responsive layout for eRegulations. Contributed to supporting legacy browsers and meeting accessibility requirements for eRegulations. Implemented build tools for the client side application using Grunt, Bower, NPM, Travis CI, JSHint, and bash scripting. Implemented a suite of automated regression tests and unit tests for JavaScript using Sauce Labs, Selenium, Travis CI, Python, Nose, Jasmine.js, and Mocha.js. Deployed new builds to development and staging environments for eRegulations. Helped with maintenance of those environments. Environments run CentOS Linux and Apache.

Web Application Engineer | Quartz, part of the Atlantic Media Company July 2012 - October 2012 New York, NY Wrote application for modern news consumption experience with offline capability using JavaScript, AJAX, UNIX, OS X, HTML5, Backbone.js, and jQuery.

Senior Developer |, then part of The New York Times Company May 2010 - April 2012 New York, NY Improved performance of website, halving page load time by minimizing HTTP requests and optimizing server side code for views/templates using Drupal, PHP, CSS, and HTML/HTML5. Developed for compatibility with legacy browsers back to Internet Explorer 6. Built new features and optimized for business goals using Drupal, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, HTML/HTML5, and CSS. Helped lead user experience exploration effort for site redesign. Co-led group sketching sessions and usability testing.

  Freelance Web Developer May 2010 - September 2011 Brooklyn, NY

Front End Web Developer | The Economist May 2009 - May 2010 New York, NY

Front End Web Developer | The New York Observer January 2008 - April 2009 New York, NY